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Welcome Welcome ! We really want to help you make you web experience at the Connection Online web site is a positive experience. With this in mind, we have created some suggestions to help you understand some of our features and guide you through the process of using them There is an extensive help section in the [Support Section]. Please refer to this section for more intensive instruction on each feature.

Lets talk usernames! Usernames are a very important part of your overall profile. The username identifies you to other members. Your username says something about you and what you were thinking when you selected the name. So be creative when selecting your username. If you are a couple, we suggest you create a username that is couple-oriented. Also consider including your locality when selecting a username. Seeing you are a couple and where you are from at a glance is a great asset for members searching for matching couples. (Example; HotSoCalCPL – SoCaKinkyCpl – SoCaBondageCpl ) The choices are really endless.

Watch using those CAPITAL LETTERS! Computers see capital letter as different characters than lowercase letters. If you use a capital letter in your username or password when making the selection, you will always need to use the capital letters in the correct positions. We receive many calls for access help, only to find out the member is not using capitalization the same way trying to sign in as they did when they signed-up.
And don't use all CAPITAL letters. This makes you look like a computer amateur! Also capital letters are considered YELLING on the Internet and people will not like you. Considering that is not what you are trying to accomplish on this website, we suggest you not use all capital letters!

Just Say No to Numbers! Some of you had numbers added to you username selection. We do this to allow you to have a username that is already in use, yet prevent duplications. To prevent duplications, we add random three-digit numbers to your selection, then notify you of the new username in your confirmation letter. You can loose these numbers by changing your username to a name that is not in use by another member.

Change that Username! After reading the above, some of you are saying "whoops, now what?" Not a problem. Connection Online has one of the most user friendly profile change interfaces you will see on any website! What other website will let you change your username, password, e-mail address and everything else that makes up your profile? NONE.
If you need to change your username, we make it easy for you. If you are single and find a mate on our site, you may want to change your username from a single sounding username to a couple-oriented username. If you have created a name nobody can remember, you can create a shorter, more easy to remember name. In any case, we don't suggest doing this after you are well known. Your friends will loose you if you change names on them.
DO NOT open a new account to change your username. That will cause you nothing but problems. You can change your username any time, so why go through all of the trouble to open a new account?

   Photos !   

Images are one of the most important elements of your profile on this website!
Even YOU probably look for the profiles with the images when searching out new members to hook-up with. So would it not make sense other members are skipping over your profile because there are no pictures to look at? You may be thinking you are being discrete, but the members think you are a lurker, or not serious if you fail to post photos.


Faces are not necessary if you are worried about people seeing you. Especially with the digital camera age, you can take a new photo anytime to want to in a matter of minutes. Take photos with side views ... back views ... close up genitals ... crowd shots ... fun shots ... be creative, but post the photos for the best results. Even if you do want to hide faces, you can always blur them out with your photo manipulation tools.

NO PHOTO IS SECURE ON THE INTERNET ... don't ever think if you post a photo on the internet if will not be stored on a computer somewhere. Posting a photo without a password protection feature (we have one) is basically giving the photo to the internet with no way to recall it. Some care if their images are out there, and others really don't care. We are never going to be the president anyway!

Member's Image Bank

One of the most valuable features on the site, our Image BANK provides members a central location to upload all of their lifestyle-related photos. The Image BANK serves ONLY for the purpose of UPLOADING images to our server than you can use them in several different places on the website.
Once the photos are uploaded, IN THE IMAGE MANAGEMENT section, the member is allowed to configure when or where the photo can be seen. The first four photos in your Image Bank are used for your profile, so be selective in your choices. Don't worry about your nasty photos, members have the right to assign each photo and where it can be seen or used, including assigning individual passwords to EACH photo!
The Image Bank is especially important for the Photo Chat Room. In this room, members share different photos while chatting with other members. These could be anywhere from a clothed side-by-side shot, to the hottest special photos of sexual activity members desire to share ... and boy are these fun! The key to having fun in the Photo Chat Room is to have many photos in your Image Bank you can call up while chatting.

Here is how it works;
  1. First you would download the images from your digital camera or scanner to a specific directory on your computer's hard drive. It is important that you know exactly where to find these images
  2. Resize the images. Trying to upload huge photos to our servers is a complete waste of time. We will just reduce them when they come in, and this procedure may even cause you errors if your computer is not real fast.
    Images have TWO sizes:
    1. Physical Size - The width and height of the image
    2. Byte Size - The size of the file stored on your computer hard drive.

    Open each one of your images in the photo program provided to you with your digital camera or scanner. These programs allow you to open each photo, manipulate the photo, then save the photo.
    We suggest you open each photo, make any changes in color or contrast you feel necessary, then change the PHYSCIAL size to no more than 500 pixels wide. Pixels are a measurement of small squares on a computer screen Digital cameras and scanner output images sometimes utilizing proprietary formats to large for the web. You need to reduce these images to a size of less than 500 pixels for optimum uploading and use. Also if you are using a scanner, don't forget to use the "Crop Tool" and crop your image out of the white scanner bed.
    Once you have changed the physical size of the photo to 500 pixels or less wide, save the photo as a .jpg image, rename the image to something descriptive of the content of the photo. (Example: A nice butt shot would be - jane_butt1.jpg or JaneButt.jpg) We try to encourage people not to use capital letters in image names because computers know the difference between a lower case and uppercase letter. All lowercase letters make everything consistent.
  3. Now that you have your photos stored in your computer hard drive, you can begin uploading them to your ImageBank. We have made this very simple to accomplish. Start by going to the [Account] selection on the menu... then select [ImageBank]
  4. Once you are in the ImageBank section, you will see a button labeled [Browse], and another button labeled [Upload Image] . Choose the [Browse] button and it will open a window to your computer drive tree (an exploded view of your hard drives and directories)
  5. In [Browse] ... locate the directory where you stored your manipulated and renamed photos. Choose the first image you desire to upload, click on that image, then tell the window - [OK]. This will queue the image for uploading.
  6. Next click the [Upload Image] button and your selection will be uploaded directly to our servers from your computer. You will be notified of the progress of this upload. Another reason not to try uploading huge images ... they take forever and you will probably error out.
  7. Congratulations ... you have now successfully uploaded an image to your Image Notebook. You should do this as many times as you have time for. We provide you the space to store 100 images on our servers.
  8. THE FIRST FOUR IMAGES ARE YOUR PROFILE PHOTOS... so be selective with the photos you choose for these places. You can change them anytime, but the first four images in your ImageBank are used for your profile and the world can see them!
  9. Continue to upload images until you have exhausted your supply of available images or have reached our one hundred (100) photo storage maximum. If you have any questions about the upload feature, please do not hesitate to contact the Webmaster.

Image Management

The Image Management section is located within the [Modify Profile] sub-section of the category called [ACCOUNT]. The Image Management section allows you to individually manage you special photos by selecting if they will ever be available for viewing my other member through the "More Photos link" on your profile... or saved exclusively for the chat room. You can also assign a personal password to images and share them with other members. This is a very cool feature because you can assign a different password to different photos. These passwords are displayed to you under each photo in the Image Management section.
The first four images you uploaded to the Image Bank are used for your profile and they have no password lock-down feature. These photos can be changed out anytime you want to change your marketing strategy. All you need to do is click your mouse directly on any of the four images presented in the top section and you will be presented with all of the photos in your Image Bank. Click on the new image you desire to replace this Profile Image and it will automatically replace that image.
Once you have uploaded more than four (4) photos, the additional photos are dropped to a lower menu system for additional photos. Each of the photos in the [Additional Photo] section has a "drop-down" selection box and a password field you can type into. Here is how to handle these:
  1. Using the "drop-down" selector, choose if your image will be available to public or non-public use. Public means the membership... not outsiders. Selecting non-public will remove your photos from the Additional Photos link in your profile, yet leave them still available for use in the Chat Rooms.
    Public = Any member can see this image
    Public + Password = Other members (not you) see an animated pad lock and need a password to open the photo.
    Non-Public = No other member can see this image.These are you reserved photos to use in the chat rooms.
  2. Next decide if you want to restrict an image to just "special people," and enter a password these people can use to open the photo. You can change this password anytime you like, and the password will always be displayed for YOUR inspection while in the Image Management section.
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