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California Clubs Listing

, CA
NASCA Member EOLO Club
Diva For A Day
, CA

Club Joi
264 S. La Cienega #597
Beverly Hills, CA
Phone: 323-944-7527
E-mail: info@clubjoi.com

Couples International
5 Holden Street, Woolloongabba
Brisbane, Queensland ,australia., CA
Phone: 0411080011
Web Site: http://www.couplesinternational.com.au
E-mail: couplesint@gmail.com

Gemini Social Club
Claremont, CA
Phone: 909-622-8544
Web Site: http://geminisocialclub.com
E-mail: paulanddebbie@geminisocialclub.com
NASCA Member EOLO Club
Magie Noire, An Urban Oasis

Emeryville, CA
Phone: 510-273-2415
Web Site: http://www.magie-noire.net
E-mail: kc@magie-noire.net

Escondido, CA
Web Site: http://hillside-villa.com
E-mail: admin@hillside-villa.com

The Oasis
Hemet, CA
Web Site: http://p7.hostingprod.com/@thelifestylerzoasis.com
E-mail: thelifestylerz@cs.com

166 N. La Brea
Inglewood, CA
Phone: 3109814741
Web Site: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/celebrityswingersla
E-mail: celebrityswingersla@yahoo.com

Attraction Events
Multi Venue Private Parties
Inland Empire Area, CA
Phone: 909-389-8525
Web Site: http://www.attractionevents.net
E-mail: attraction.events@yahoo.com

North Tahoe Players
Kings Beach, CA
Web Site: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ntahoeplaytime/
E-mail: monkey_cheese53@hotmail.com

Valley Flirts
Multi Venue Lifestyle Parties
La Area, CA
Phone: 818-298-6034
Web Site: http://www.valleyflirts.com
E-mail: valleyflirts@yahoo.com

Lancaster, CA
Phone: 661-944-0865
Web Site: http://www.tiberiusswings.com
E-mail: party@tiberiusswings.com
NASCA Member 
Mount Freaky-deeky
Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 213-590-2834
Web Site: http://www.mountfreakydeeky.com
E-mail: register@mountfreakydeeky.com

Lust Party
12751 Mitchell Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 818-266-3900
Web Site: http://www.lustparty.com
E-mail: info@lustparty.com

Swing Climax
6969 Sexual Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 818-457-9464
Web Site: http://www.swingclimax.com
E-mail: info@swingclimax.com

New York, CA
Phone: 64203628090
Web Site: http://skuycsvicnfk.com/
E-mail: nvtkwk@idxazy.com

New York, CA
Phone: 48561958269
Web Site: http://tjgppcjhnece.com/
E-mail: lwnepn@rywtdy.com

New York, CA
Phone: 93809548469
Web Site: http://jagpnxnahoiy.com/
E-mail: thujsr@fmeyfm.com

Options Socials
North Highlands, CA
Phone: 209-941-2100
Web Site: http://optionssocials.com
E-mail: kitty4lickin@yahoo.com

Fusion Parties
North County
Oceanside, CA
Phone: 760-717-3732
Web Site: http://www.fusionparties.net
E-mail: staff@fusionparties.net

Majestic Pleasures
100 Palm Springs Dr
Palm Springs, CA
Phone: 760 734-1940
Web Site: http://www.majesticpleasures.com
E-mail: funcplin951@yahoo.com

A Sea Mountain Inn Spa Resort Fantasy Hotel
Mineral Springs
Palm Springs, CA
Phone: 17602511230
Web Site: http://www.taboogardens.com
E-mail: info@seamountaininn.com
NASCA Member EOLO Club
Club Haven
16721 Multiview Dr.
Perris, CA
Phone: 951-490-8620
Web Site: http://www.clubhaven4u.com/
E-mail: krisnlu@yahoo.com

Gemini Social Club
1248 White Ave
Pomona, CA
Phone: 909-622-8544
Web Site: http://www.geminisocialclub.com
E-mail: paulanddebbie@geminisocialclub.com
NASCA Member EOLO Club
Gemini Social Club
1248 N. White St.
Pomona, CA
Phone: 909-622-8544
E-mail: paulanddebbie@geminisocialclub.com

Social Connection Group
72-877 Dinah Shore Dr, Suite 103 = Pmb # 106
Rancho Mirage, CA
Web Site: http://socialconnectiongroup.com/
E-mail: ssnconnections@yahoo.com

Members Only
Riverside, CA
Phone: 9512829997
Web Site: http://site.sexxxysocialnetwork.com/
E-mail: ssnconnections@yahoo.com

C2c Entertainment
4297 N. Sierra Way
San Bernardino, CA
Phone: 951-210-8748
Web Site: http://www.c2centclub.com
E-mail: theinfamousjen@gmail.com

The Tasty Club
All Over San Diego, And Los Angeles
San Diego, CA
Phone: 619.985.6702
Web Site: http://www.bangmebillionsent.com
E-mail: thetastyclub@gmail.com

The Tasty Club
All Over San Diego & La
San Diego, CA
Phone: 619.985.6702
Web Site: http://www.bangmebillionsent.com
E-mail: thetastyclub@gmail.com

Eve's Playground
San Diego, CA
Phone: 619 866 1968
Web Site: http://tootastyproductions.com
E-mail: icecreamplaymates@yahoo.com

Kandyland Mansion
San Diego, CA
Phone: 858-779-1381
Web Site: http://www.myspace.com/kandyland_mansion
E-mail: giovanni@dreamworldpictures.com

The Tasty Club
Hot New Locations
San Diego, CA
Phone: 619 727 3323
E-mail: thetastyclub@gmail.com

3488 E St.
San Diego, CA
Phone: 619-237-8849
Web Site: http://www.lavilla.com/
NASCA Member 
Po Box 26015
San Francisco, CA
Phone: 925-437-2326
Web Site: http://www.litensweet.com
E-mail: info@litensweet.com
NASCA Member 
San Francisco, CA
Phone: 415-694-0877
Web Site: http://www.twist-sf.com
E-mail: lana@twist-sf.com

Club Kiss
Mission Street
San Francisco, CA
Web Site: http://www.clubkiss.us
E-mail: kiss@clubkiss.us

Vip Rendezvous
450 S. Sanderson Ave
San Jacinto, CA
Phone: 951-654-8662
Web Site: http://www.vip-rendezvous.com
E-mail: vip-rendezvous@vip-rendezvous.com

Studio 54x
Private Location
San Juan Capistrano, CA
Phone: 818-917-3122
Web Site: http://www.studio54x.com
E-mail: info@studio54x.com

Tangerine's Dream
Not Listed
Sf Bay Area, CA
Web Site: http://www.tangerinesdream.com
E-mail: tangerine@tangerinesdream.com
NASCA Member EOLO Club
8605 Santa Monica Blvd # 30010
West Hollywood, CA
Phone: 310-614-7730
Web Site: http://www.privyparty.com
E-mail: privyparty@yahoo.com

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